Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Nurse Care Managers plan and coordinate care for you or your loved one to meet short and long-term goals to improve quality of life.

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Geriatric Nurse Care Managers are Registered Nurses who specialize in management of all aspects of our Client’s health care.  Whether you are making a transition from your home to a retirement community, or you need assistance to remain in your home, your Geriatric Nurse Care Manager handles all the details.

Our Care Manager Kim Cavaliere, RN, Discussing Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Nurse Care Managers:
  • Provide Crisis Intervention
  • Implement a thorough and professional nursing assessment, complete a comprehensive care plan and update regularly
  • Maintain on-going management of care
  • Provide medication management
  • Serve as a liaison between Physicians, Clients and Families
  • Provide total coordination of services and care through continuous communication with Families, Clients and Physicians
  • Assist with residential placement and transition
  • Schedule and attend medical appointments with Clients and ensure Clients are compliant with orders
  • Monitor Client’s needs to ensure quality of care and life are maintained
  • Provide Client and family education
  • Keep detailed records and notes of treatment and progress
  • Recognize early warning signs of health issues
  • Management of Chronic Illness
  • Continuously monitor Client’s well-being with great concentration on prevention of complications that could lead to unnecessary hospitalizations
Nurse Making Home Visit To Senior Man For Medical Exam

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